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Jeff Edwards, Jeanette Loscutoff, Cory & Tom O'Connell, Rev. Michael Kerber 

Youth Ministry Team


Left to right: Jeanette Loscutoff, Jeff Edwards, Tom O'Connell, Cory O'Connell, & Pastor Michael Kerber

Pastor Michael serves as the Pastor of Student Ministries and leads Faith Journey's youth group "Bulletproof". His heart is to provide a safe, fun, and supportive environment where teens can explore what it means to be a Christian.

Pastor Michael's ministry approach is driven by his core value of grace. He is committed to ensuring everyone feels loved no matter their circumstances or past. This passion to make people feel loved and connect them with Christ comes from his military experience where he faced some of the most difficult challenges of his life. He has overcome his own struggles with mental health and is committed to help others find their value to the Kingdom of God.


Pastor Michael's leadership of the youth is only successful because of the volunteers who dedicate their time to the teens. Faith Journey Church has always approached ministry to teens from a "team" perspective. Tom, Cory, Jeanette and Jeff have served together for over seven years revealing to teens the person of Jesus Christ, teaching them Biblical truth and exemplifying God's love in everyday interactions.

All four either have had or currently have their own teen children involved in youth group.

They each bring unique "giftings" to the ministry:

  • Tom is the group's tech guy and Mr. Fix-it. He engages easily with the teens, helps facilitate discussion in small groups and loves participating in every game and activity the teens do no matter how crazy, messy or absurd!

  • Cory teaches and is an awesome small group leader and develops ideas for projects and activities. She also jumps in playing games and enjoys interacting with the teens.

  • Jeanette teaches, facilitates small groups and is the ministry's resident "Bible scholar." She also joins in the "fun-n-games."

  • Jeff teaches and serves as the Nazarene Youth International Chair for the church.

The four share various interests including sports, healthy living, Nebraska football and a passion to help teens know and experience the love of God!

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