Join us on our Prayer Journey

Understanding the need for prayer is not enough to walk this journey. In order for prayer to become a part of our lives, we need to cry out just as the disciples did, “Lord! Increase our faith and teach us to pray!” (Luke 11:1; 17:5).

What is God revealing about himself to you

What is God revealing to you about his purposes for your life

What is God doing in and through your life to help you to experience him

What Scriptures is God using to speak to you

What is God saying to you through those Scriptures

Is God giving you a specific burden to pray for, or a specific person

What is God asking you to do in response to experiencing him

What adjustments do you need to make in your life to walk in obedience to God

How is God leading you to serve him and his church

Is there any sin that needs to be confessed and turned away from


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