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Trunk Decorating Ideas

Chelsea Newton

Sep 16, 2022

Here are some super fun ideas for your trunk at Fall Family Festival!

FJC, along with Swimtastic, PE101, and Quest Forward Academy will be hosting the Fall Family Festival on Sunday, October 23rd from 5:30pm-7:00pm. Many fun activities will be happening, including trunk decorating (no scary or creepy themes such as witches or goblins, please)!

We will be putting together trunk decorating kits for those who are decoratingly challenged (Pastor Chelsea is a perfect example of this). For those decorating or putting together kits, our team came up with some fun ideas! And for those associated with the church or Christian faith, Scriptures that go along with themes are totally appropriate!

  • Dr. Seuss theme, complete with books

  • Other book titles such as If You Give A Mouse a Cookie, Clifford, Curious George, etc.

  • Apples theme, orchard with basket of apples

  • Veterinarian theme with stuffed animals and pet carrier

  • Photographer theme with camera and tripod

  • Artist theme with easel and apron

  • Chef theme with hat, apron, and kitchen tools

  • Gardener theme with tools and some plants

  • David and Goliath theme, a shepherd outfit with a bag of stones and a slingshot

  • Pumpkin theme with fall leaves

  • Husker theme or other sports team such as the Lancers, Storm Chasers, Omaha Mavericks, etc.

  • Zoo theme with tons of stuffed animals

  • Dress shop theme with princess costumes or dresses

  • Marvel theme with clothing and figurines

  • Solar System theme with planets and stars

  • Beach theme with sea shells, sandals, beach umbrella, etc.

  • Western theme with cowboy hats, saddle, bridle, hay bales

  • Cave theme with stalagmites and stalactites and a treasure chest

  • Minecraft or Roblox theme

Any other ideas? Hopefully this helped the creative juices flow! Happy decorating!

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