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Children's Ministries

Faith Journey Church provides a great environment for children to embark on their own journey of living the Christian life! All workers have completed our Ministry Safe program, which includes references and background checks.  Parents can enjoy worship and be assured that their children are receiving excellent care and Bible instruction.

Children's Church

  • Nursery and Pre-school Service for ages 0-Pre-K

  • Elementary Service for Kindergarten through Grade 5

  • Interactive Private Family Facebook Group and Email Updates. To join, contact [email protected]

    • Please Note: The fifth Sunday of every month with five Sundays (once per calendar quarter) is Family Worship Sunday. On these Sundays, the elementary age kids will attend the adult worship service with their families.

  • This is an interactive time filled with hands-on activities, videos, children's worship, crafts, and real-world Bible lessons

Upcoming Events

Valentine's Day
Parents Night Out
Feb. 14, 6-8:30 pm

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